10 Ways To Improve Your Marriage While It's Raining

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Photo courtesy sarahvictoriasmith

Your environment has a dramatic impact on your mood. You wake up in the morning and glance outside, the sun is up without a cloud in the sky, you get in the sunny day mood. Perhaps you feel a bit more energy, You want to get outside and enjoy the weather. On cold blustery days you long to sit by the fire with something warm to drink, or the other extreme of throwing on extra layers and playing in the snow. But nothing has more impact than when it’s raining. If you’re like most of us, you feel apathetic, tired, you want to crawl back into bed even though you just climbed out 5 minutes earlier.
Let’s say it’s been raining for several days in a row, you’re bored, cooped up, and to top it off, so is your spouse. You’re feeding off each other’s mood. It’s a vicious spiral.
Before you reach the point of needing therapy in order to climb out of your depression, recognize the weather’s influence on your mood. You are stronger than the weather. You can’t control it, weather forecasters can’t even accurately predict it, but you can choose how you react to it. I have often thought about moving to Seattle and opening a therapy practice specializing in depression, but I digress.
What if you chose to try something with your spouse while it’s raining? Make the most of the time. Here are few suggestions:

  1. Read. Seek out a comfortable place for both of you and read. This can be to each other or different books for each of you. Just be together. Sit by each other. Intertwine your legs. You may fall asleep, that’s ok. Then you both get to enjoy a nap. Nothing wrong with that.
  2. Sit on the porch. My wife and I love to sit on our deck while it’s raining. It’s wonderful to just sit together and listen to the rain. Add a cup of something warm to drink and you’ve got a relaxing time together.
  3. Play a game. Break open the game closet and play something together. Yahtzee, Monopoly, or find a deck of cards. Interact. Have fun. You could even crank up the Wii. Just play something together. No time pressures. Play.
  4. Talk. Plan something for the future. Tackle an issue that’s been bugging you. Catch up on your spouse’s life. Find a comfortable place to sit. Relax. Have a conversation.
  5. Work around the house. You are both already stuck inside. Finish some of the projects around the house. Organize an area. Declutter. Go through your clothes and get rid of things. When the sun returns, your house will be more organized and simplified. A double boost of energy.
  6. Go for a walk. Some of my wife and I’s favorite memories are of walking together in the rain. We live by the saying: there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. Even if you don’t have the gear to keep you completely dry, so what. You’re not going to melt.
  7. Have sex. What better way to break out of feeling down? Rain can be very romantic. Light some candles. Maybe open the window a bit to hear the raindrops. Climb into bed together and take your time. Maybe it’s time to establish the “naked rainy day” policy with your spouse.
  8. Listen to good jazz. While you don’t have to listen to jazz, turn on music you enjoy. Relax. Add in any of the other ideas to this one. Good music often improves whatever is going on together.
  9. Dance. This naturally goes with the good music suggestion. In fact, this could lead to another suggestion as well. Either way, dance with your spouse. Seek them out and ask them to dance. It’s a great way to add spark to your marriage.
  10. Watch a movie. Pop some popcorn. Dim the lights. Cuddle with each other and turn on a good movie.