12 Nights of Holiday Stay-In Dates with Your Spouse

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Holiday-DatingAhh, the holidays are here! There’s no better time of the year to think about our loved ones and especially your spouse.
It’s a perfect time to slow down, avoid the holiday rush, and spend some quality time together.
In the tradition of the 12 Nights of Christmas, here are 12 ideas on how to stay at home and have a lot of fun with your spouse this holiday season.
#1 – Holiday Movie Night – pop the popcorn and dust off your favorite holiday movies. It doesn’t have to be holiday movies either. Maybe you’re both Star Wars nuts or Lord of the Rings fans. The point is to cuddle up and enjoy your favorite movies together.
#2 – Sit Outside – it sounds simple enough right? At night, try stepping outside your home for a change to enjoy the crisp, winter air. Even better, get out your sleeping bags and some hot cocoa and enjoy star gazing.
#3 – Holiday Decorations – this is a pretty obvious way to spend time together during the holidays but it’s also really fun. Few things feel as good as enjoying a home full of lights and decorations during the holiday season.
#4 – Your Favorite Meal – if you’re like me, your favorite meal is Fettuccini Alfredo. But I try not to eat it too much to avoid the ‘ol heart attack. But the holiday season is a perfect time to enjoy your favorite foods. Save the calorie counting for January!
#5 – Your Favorite Dessert – there’s nothing better after eating your favorite meal than enjoying your favorite dessert! Hot cocoa, eggnog, s’mores, homemade fudge, sugar cookies, and more all top the list.
#6 – Share Your Dessert with Friends – I know I said these are all stay at home activities but few things are more fun than making a plate of your favorite sweeties, leaving them on the doorstep of your friends, ringing the bell, and running!
#7 – Read a Book Together – when was the last time you took turns reading a book out loud? It’s actually pretty fun! Perhaps it’s your favorite Christmas story or even something new you discover together.
#8 – Write Christmas Cards – in our digital age, it’s fun to take the time to write out good old fashioned Christmas cards. Stuffing envelopes doesn’t sound glorious but is fun when done in the right spirit.
#9 – Clean the House – yes, cleaning can be fun. There’s nothing better than having a clean home during the holidays. Crank the Christmas tunes and get cleaning!
#10 – Play Games – Phase 10, Uno, Canasta, and a whole cabinet full of board games were meant to be played! The holidays provide the perfect time to sit down around the table and spend some time playing together. Bonus points if you leave the electronics in another room.
#11 – Look at Photos – you know how you have about 5000 photos on your phone and computer? Take some time and go through them together! Pick out the ones you really like and print them out or upload them to your family website or blog.
#12 – Goal Setting – it’s never too early to get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions. Sit down with some hot apple cider and make plans for the coming year. Christmas presents can even be based on future plans. Broadway show tickets or tickets to an upcoming vacation make some of the best presents.
These are just some simple ideas to enjoy the holidays more together. Space them out over 12 days or combine them. A personal favorite of ours is eating homemade fudge while playing games and cranking the Christmas music!
Here’s to hoping your holidays are very special with your spouse!