20 Must Read Blogs For Married People

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Editor’ note: There is an updated version of this post as there are a couple of blogs listed in this round-up that are no longer in existence. To find the more up to date list, click here.
If you’re a regular reader of blogs, it’s pretty apparent that you can read about almost anything you’d like. While the wealth of information available today is impressive, it’s important to take into account the source of the material being produced.
If you frequent Simple Marriage then you must be looking for marriage and relationship ideas, information, and inspiration. Here’s a list of 20 blogs that I think are worth your time.  This is not a definitive list – but a list I hope you’ll enjoy and find useful as another tool to improve your life and relationships.
Note: Not all of these blogs are marriage focused, some are husband, dad, mom and/or wife focused. What all these have in common is a life and relationship improvement focus.
Here’s the list in no particular order:

  1. Zen Habits. Written by Leo Babauta, who covers a range of self-improvement topics from creating new habits to getting in shape to relationships.
  2. Simple Mom. One of the catch phrases for Simple Mom is “Zen Habits with an apron.” Tsh Oxenreider offers very practical tips and advice for managing life as a mom. And in the name of full disclosure, I write here once a month.
  3. Through the Illusion. Hayden Tompkins is all about rocking your purpose in order to live an awesome life.
  4. The Simple Dollar. Written by Trent Hamm, who focuses on financial talk for ordinary people. Full of great tips and advice discovered from personal experiences.
  5. Lifehacker. This blog is created by a collection of writers and aims to provide great tips and downloads for getting things done. The site can appear a bit chaotic but there’s a lot of good info.
  6. The Discomfort Zone. If you’re interested in a quirky look at things in the life improvement world, Tim Brownson’s your guy.
  7. Mom Grind. Vereed DeLeeuw looks to help moms deal with the daily grind of motherhood. But she quickly realized that giving advice bores her – she’d rather ask questions than answer them.
  8. Art of Manliness. A blog dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man. AoM is authored by husband and wife team, Brett and Kate McKay, featuring posts helping men be better fathers, husbands, and men.
  9. On Simplicity. Sara writes all about creating a happier, easier, more enjoyable life for yourself and enjoying the journey while keeping an eye on the destination.
  10. A Good Husband. Cory Huff created a place where men can come and discussion real issues in a positive and constructive way.
  11. Dad-O-Matic. Founded by Chris Brogan, his goal is create a place for dads to share thoughts and ideas about parenting.
  12. My Super Charged Life. Jeff Nickles writes to help people find success and meaning in their life.
  13. Building Camelot. A blog about creating happiness, prosperity, safety and a long lasting legacy in your home and family. Written by Tyler Wainright.
  14. The Bold Life. Tess invites you to think bold, feel bold, and act bold… and live your dream.
  15. Create a Balance. Stacey Weckstein is dedicated to helping you balance the demands of being everything to everyone while not losing your sense of self, your needs, and your passions in the process.
  16. Pace and Kyeli. They call themselves alternative relationship coaches and I think what they write on communication is great.
  17. Writer Dad. Sean Platt is a gifted writer who takes you with him on his journey through life as a husband and dad.
  18. Love To Spare. Written by Michael Scott, he writes to help draw attention to, celebrate and even inspire acts of extraordinary love.
  19. Michael and Amy Smalley. Michael and Amy seek to teach people the principles of loving well and loving for a lifetime.
  20. Simple Marriage. It’s not just because this is where Mary Ann and I write, it’s the only resource I’ve come across specifically designed to assist you in experiencing more in marriage and life. Marriage is about growing up.

Another blog worth mentioning is Marriage Tweets, which posts real-time updates about relationships and marriage news.
Which blogs do you regularly read to improve your relationship and life? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.