2018 Sexy Marriage Radio Getaway


Coming this June 21 – 24, 2018 is the 4th annual Sexy Marriage Radio Getaway.
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Come spend four days with the hosts of Sexy Marriage Radio, Dr Corey Allan and Shannon Ethridge, at the Marriott Solana just north of the DFW Airport.
This is one of the best marriage conferences/retreats/seminars out there today – because it’s a getaway. Yes there is solid, in-depth teaching (just like SMR episodes, only much deeper), and yes you will learn things during the four days that you can use the rest of your life – but this is also a get away! There is plenty of time to explore the DFW area, to sleep in and relax, and/or to time to explore your spouse.
You won’t want to miss this getaway. It can change your life and marriage. Here’s what “Mollie’s” experience was like last year.

My name is “Mollie”. I have been married to the most amazing man “Jack” for about 2 1/2 years now but together with him for going on 6 years. We have 2 beautiful daughters. Our marriage has had an incredible amounts of ups and downs. The first year of marriage was the hardest on us. We fought almost every other week and the only thing we fought about was sex. Not that we weren’t having it but about my sexual confidence in the bedroom. I believe that both Jack and I are both “high” desires but in a completely different way.
About 1 year ago, we starting fighting EVERY week and these weren’t little fights these were fights that left us not talking to each other for days. The “D” word was being thrown around a lot. My husband got me hooked on listening to Sexy Marriage Radio which helped a little bit. I was even on the air with SMR for episode 280, hoping that it would help me (it didn’t). We even fought about a few episodes we listen to together….. we both had no idea what to do.
We knew we loved each other very much so we decided to do counseling with Corey via Skype. While on our couple session, Corey recommended that we attend the SMR getaway. We both decided that we would go, I mean at that point we would have tried anything. The SMR Getaway was the GREATEST thing we have ever done!!! The topics they cover and the intimate moments my husband and I shared together was well worth the money we spent on going. We considered that trip to be our honeymoon as we did not have enough money to actually go on one when we got married. Jack and I had some of the deepest conversations at the getaway and it really opened up both of our eyes to what we have together. I realized who I was during the getaway with some of the activities they made us do, especially during the life mapping. Let me tell you, since the getaway Jack and I have talked more, laughed more, and the sex…… well I wont go into too much detail but WOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!! We have not had a single fight since the getaway in JUNE, now we talk things through even if they are difficult.
We are extremely happy right now. Actually we just bought our very first house for our family, living the dream! I want to thank Corey and Shannon for their advice and counseling on marriage and sex. I know for a fact that every single getaway they hold Jack and I will be there. It well worth the reward of a fantastic marriage. Again, thank you for changing our lives!!
~ Mollie

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Hope to see you in June.