3 Huge Benefits of a Service-Focused Date

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Post written by dates and romance columnist Sean Marshall of Family Rocketship.

On our honeymoon, my wife and I were headed into a grocery store when a man approached us.
He was a volunteer working with the Red Cross and they had a portable blood donation center.
He asked if we would be willing to donate some time, and of course, some blood. We were busy but looked at each other and knew it was the right thing to do.
We ended up staying there almost an hour! Apparently I had some extra special ingredient about my blood (I don’t remember what) that took longer to process.
With bags full of blood, they pulled out the tubes, supplied us with cookies and juice, and sent us on our way.
We left feeling better about ourselves knowing we helped in a small way.

A Service-Focused Date?

The whole goal of a service-focused date is to go out together and offer your time to a good cause.
This is in contrast to dinner and movie, or a concert, or any other “normal date”. The focus here is not on each other necessarily but on helping others.
This is especially common during the holiday season. People are generally thinking a bit more outward at that time of year.
But you don’t have to wait until Christmas to do this!
In fact, it’s good to get out there and serve together as much as possible. Why? Well here are three big benefits.

#1 – The Chance to Give

Usually, when you go on a date, you’re thinking about having fun or being romantic. It’s rare you get to think about giving.
By going on a service-focused date, you’re directly involved with giving. It could be donating your time at a soup kitchen, working at a food bank, or giving blood.

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile” – Albert Einstein

You’re also giving of your heart. This is especially true if you’re working directly with the people you’re serving.
This actually leads to the next big benefit.

#2 – Increased Gratitude and Appreciation

By focusing on others, your gratitude and appreciation will grow.
It’s often easy to forget just how many blessings you take for granted every day.
Even the fact that you have someone to go out on a date with is a big one to be grateful for!
By working with those who are less fortunate in some way, you’ll realize how much you’re blessed with.
This includes working with those who are hungry, visiting the elderly who desperately need visitors, or even working with children needing love and guidance.
As your appreciation grows, so does your gratitude. Ending the night (or day date) with a heart full of gratitude sets the stage perfectly to increase your feelings of love for each other.

#3 – Service is Sexy

Not too long ago, I was able to take part in building a house for a family who really needed it. It was long tiring work.
By the time we were finished, I was dirty and soaking wet from sweat (I know, gross). But as I entered my house, I could see the look in my wife’s eyes. It was one of attraction.
How could she be attracted to me in my state of sweat and grime?
Because she knew what I had spent half a day doing – service for others.
When you’re serving others together, you’re able to see your spouse in a different light. One that’s actually very attractive. Giving is an admirable quality in anyone and it’s always cool to see it in your own husband or wife.

Try It!

The next time it’s your turn to plan the date night, consider doing something for others together. It’s not hard to see the need around you.
It might end up being one of the best dates you’ve ever had!