5 Good Reasons Couples Should Cook Together

Romance, Simplicity

Post written by Rachael of Kitchen Courses.

For most people, cooking is the means to an end.
It’s often one of those things we all do so often that it can begin to feel like a chore.
Aside from what you make or how long it takes, cooking together has its benefits and can certainly strengthen any relationship, no matter if you’re a home cook extraordinaire or an expert at dialing for takeout.
Here are five good reasons to make the time to get cooking with your partner:
1. The two of you will get some quality alone time in.
Whether you’re dating, newlyweds, or are in the full swing of marriage, getting alone time with your significant other is a nice change of pace from any average meal time. Plus, contrary to eating out at a restaurant, cooking together is time to interactively engage.
Have kids? Call in a babysitter or plan to eat late once they’ve gone to bed – cooking together without distractions will create an experience that you can both remember fondly and gives you some good time to connect. What’s better than alone time with your loved one? Alone time with good food and a loved one.
2. You’ll build teamwork in your relationship.
Learn to rely on each other and work together towards a common goal.
Either choose one dish and divide up the tasks or divide up multiple dishes that each of you can be responsible for. You’ll have an opportunity not only to have a good time together, but to see how well you can problem solve. You’ll be able to use this as a good representation of how you can work together as a team outside of the kitchen.
3. A connection will be formed over learning together and trying new things.
There’s nothing more exciting than taking on a new skill, and what’s better than showing each other a thing or two in the process? You’ll both improve your skills in the kitchen, by watching, doing, and learning.
Whether its one of your first few times in the kitchen or it’s on a dish you’ve never made before, you’ll be able to connect over the experience and who knows – you might find a mutual interest to keep coming back to for regular activities to do together!
4. You’ll be encouraged to have fun and be romantic!
How often do we forget to have a good time without scheduling it in? Take the time to cook together and make the experience the exciting part by grabbing a glass of wine, turning up the tunes for an impromptu dance party, and putting your skills to good use. Make the most of your time in the kitchen and date night will never feel the same!
5. You can be proud of what you’re eating.
When you know the ingredients and effort that’s gone into your dish, you’ll feel that much more satisfied eating it. Chances are high that if you’ve made it at home, it’s a lot healthier than anything you can eat at a restaurant so you can feel good about choosing a quiet night at home. Plus, you can be proud of your own effort and your partner’s.
Whether you make a four course meal or throw together a simple salad for dinner, when you’re making meals together as a couple, what’s important is the time you spend together, not the food itself. Make some time this week to spend an hour or so getting in the kitchen and crafting up a dish that will be delicious and help strengthen your relationship.
Rachael is the blogger behind Kitchen Courses and is the author of How to Cook For Yourself: A Complete Beginner’s Guide. She writes about her passion for food, eating well while saving money, and inspires people to get familiar with their kitchens and cook for themselves.