5 Ways to Help Ensure a Happy Marriage

Relationship Design


This is a guest post from Ken Myers.

In today’s world, people get married for a variety of reasons.
Sometimes a couple really doesn’t put into perspective just how much work could go into developing a happy marriage.
Getting married for the wrong reasons could make the experience much more difficult to obtain happiness. However, this isn’t saying that it’s impossible.
Being a couple is about unity.You’re no longer separated by complete individuality but are together as something special and unique.
What can you do to help ensure the marriage is a happy one that lasts?
1. You Both Work Hard At It – Being a couple requires both parties to make commitments to the other person. It may take a great deal of patience in order to overcome some of the problems and frustrations that you can feel from the actions of your spouse. Keep in mind that your own behaviors may be just as annoying. By working together to solve these internal problems, you may find that team work is more ideal as you complement each other.
2. Experiences While Being Together – As time marches on, the unity will experience a great deal of life’s circumstances. Each situation can be examined as a couple giving you further insight into the capabilities of each other. This history that is being created can be looked back upon with pride as the two of you overcame those obstacles in order to succeed. Even current situations can benefit from past ones as long as you both are willing to learn together.
3. Pleasing Each Other – Although no one can truly make you happy as it’s a frame of mind that only you can control, there is nothing wrong with going out of your way to improve your spouse’s day. Many couples will go out of their way in order to bring a smile to the face of the other. However, this needs to be a give-and-take mindset. You shouldn’t expect your spouse to provide a method to brighten your day without it being reciprocal. Even a few simple kind words can alter the entire course of a single day.
4. Working To Improve Yourselves – Life is all about improving yourself through experiences. Being supportive of the improvements of each other can help the team as a whole. With each new development within yourself as an individual, you bring something new to the environment as a couple.
Although you need to work together as a unit, you’re ultimately responsible for your own self-improvements. You may be better suited to function as a couple if you know yourself as an individual.
5. Appreciate Your Marriage – Through hard work and dedication, you could build a lasting relationship that you could be proud of. The feeling of being part of a greater whole can make you feel like nothing is impossible. Appreciating each other for who you are as a couple can go a long way to creating happiness. With each new chapter of life, you read the book together and improve upon the strengths each provides.
Not every marriage is a perfect union from the moment you say, “I do.” Some are more haphazard than others. As long as you act as a unit and are conscious of the feelings of each other, you may be able to help increase the likelihood that your marriage will be a happy one.
Ken Myers is a father, husband, and entrepreneur. He has combined his passion for helping families find in-home care with his experience to build a business. Learn more about him by visiting @KenneyMyers on Twitter.