5 Ways to Show Your Husband More Affection

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This is a guest post from Sara Stringer.

Men have long been known as the “unaffectionate” ones in a relationship. For whatever reason, men are known as having difficulties expressing their feelings and giving affection.
In today’s society, these gender lines are not so well-defined.
With gender lines blurring, sometimes it’s the woman who forgets the little gestures that keep her man going.
These are 5 ways to show your husband just how much you love him.
Just like women, men love to be doted on. They crave affection too. Try any, or all, of these affectionate suggestions to show your guy just how much you care for him. You may be surprised just how far these simple gestures can go in improving intimacy and your relationship as a whole.
1. Give Him a Playful Nudge
So what if you’re not fifteen anymore? You can still horse around and chances are high your man will love to see your playful side. When something is funny, lean in and give him a playful nudge. Keep eye contact, keep laughing, and keep nudging until he returns contact. Just make sure you’re gentle with that first shove. You don’t want to bruise his arm (or his ego).
2. Hold Hands
When you’re walking side-by-side with your husband, make a point to hold hands. Whether you’re walking barefoot in the sand or walking in canvas sneakers to the car, grab his hand and hold it tight. Once you’ve got his hand, try pulling it to your lips and placing a gentle kiss where your fingers meet. Holding hands is a progressive gesture, so don’t be afraid to pull his arm over your shoulders, moving from just hand holding to a tight embrace.
3. Touch His Face
While maintaining eye-contact, gently touch your man’s cheek. This romantic gesture will make him feel attractive, loved, and appreciated. It’s simple, but it works. You can gently run your fingers through his hair, before sliding them down the side of his face. It’s almost guaranteed this gesture will end with him kissing you, but if he misses the hint, don’t be afraid to be the one to lean in.
4. Rub His Back
Nothing says, “I appreciate you,” like a firm backrub. If he’s a dad, you may want to get a book on massage, as it should contain some ideas for Father’s day backrubs. Dads deserve a break and a massage is the perfect way to thank him for all the good he does, plus it’s an excuse to get his shirt off. When it’s not a special occasion, simply rubbing your fingers down his spine is a great way to be affectionate.
5. Cuddle Often
Cuddling is very romantic. With hectic schedules, cuddling is sometimes overlooked. Because it promotes the chemical oxytocin, cuddling is therapeutic and a stress reliever. Cuddling is mutually affectionate, so practice it often to relieve stress and even improve communication. While cuddling, you’re non-verbally expressing love and understanding. Cuddling also makes couples feel sexy and promotes bonding. This simple gesture can lead to a more enriching relationship, so why not try it tonight?
Sara is a freelance writer who most enjoys blogging about lifestyle, relationships, and life as a woman. In her spare time, she enjoys soaking up the sunshine with her husband and two kids.