A Bit More Honesty 2.0


Last week I proposed an experiment of honesty. The premise is that when asked “How’s it going?” to answer more honestly; anything but “fine,” “good” and the like. After trying this experiment for a bit, I’ve discovered something that was summed up best by fellow reader B. Wilde.
He says:

Okay, I’m in, but I would like to propose a little twist. When I’ve answered honestly to people in the past when they’ve inquired, most times they truly don’t want to know. It is just intended in our culture to be greeting or exchange of pleasantries. How about this to connect with others more genuinely: ask others how they are doing and really ask like you want to know. And then to listen genuinely.

So here’s version 2.0. As to how you answer the general pleasantry greeting is up to you. Instead, avoid asking the pleasantry questions and ask something directly. Something you are genuinely interested in knowing. Then listen. Thanks for the twist B. Wilde.