A brief look at Simple Marriage's resources


For almost 3 years now Simple Marriage has sought to better equip people for life and marriage. Largely, this has been done through the posts written 2 to 3 times per week.
As Simple Marriage has evolved however, there have been new resources added to help you and your relationships.
The following is a brief summary of what we have to offer.

Books and audio

It began last year with A Simple Marriage, a book that is actually half book and half workbook. Filled with great questions, activities, and exercises designed to help you create a better relationship. And the best part, you can work through this book and still reap its benefits with or without your spouse.
The second book just launched last week, Buck Naked Marriage. It covers the basic elements necessary for a marriage to thrive, as well as how to navigate some of the common areas that trip us up at times.
The marriage jams are intelligent solutions for your marriage, delivered on the cheap. They’re sort of like unbelievably affordable, yet truly great therapy, only it’s not therapy and you don’t have to sit on the couch, feel embarrassed or write a check on your way out the door. You can listen to these jams on your own time, where ever and whenever you like.

Online classes

This past summer Simple Marriage began offering classes.
High quality, user friendly, at your own pace content designed to assist you through marriage and life’s issues. And the best part of these classes, we come to you.
Blow Up My Marriage. A 16 week class that targets couples where one or both spouses have said, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you any more.” A radically different way to view what goes on in relationships is presented and applied throughout the course of this class. Due to the nature of this class, it is only offered 2 times each year. The next offering will be in January.
Parenting Without Killing Each Other. If there is one thing that can trip up married life – it’s parenting. So what happens when you don’t see eye to eye as parents. Or, what about when the marriage dissolves and you still have to co-parent and not use your kids as weapons against your ex? This class covers basic ways to approach these parenting dilemmas, and how to improve your relationship in the process. This class is co-led by myself and Dr. Molly Kuzmich (who has a lot more child development training in her background).
Reboot Boot Camp. We each get stuck at times. Whether it’s stuck in a stagnant relationship, a no-where job, parenting role, or any other number of situations, wouldn’t it be great to reboot that area of your life? This class will offer exactly that. Reboot one or two areas – or go through a complete overhaul – it’s up to you.

Free marriage courses

We also have a collection of topic specific marriage courses delivered straight to your inbox, for free. The lessons are all previous posts from Simple Marriage, but they’re broken down by topic. All you have to do is pick your topic of interest, provide your email address, then sit back and a new lesson arrives every other day.
Interested in anything else that would help you? Please let us know.