A Fun Way To Add A Spark To Marriage

Relationship Design, Simplicity

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I know you’ve been there. You look at the caller ID, see it’s your spouse and for a brief moment you wrestle with the idea of not answering. You don’t have anything else pressing going on, you’re not on another call, or in a meeting. You simply don’t want to talk to your spouse at the moment.
You’re not in the midst of a fight. Your marriage is going along alright. But you don’t want to have the same conversation you always have.
Now before you react with “Oh, that’s never happened to me, I would never avoid talking to my spouse,” hear me out. And let’s be honest, just between you and me, yea you have.
It’s natural that there will come times when you wish for something to change. You wish there was a spark. A spark that ignited a huge flame in your marriage relationship.
The problem is that we are such routine oriented beings that it’s hard to avoid falling victim to the monotonous trap. You do the same thing when you get up each morning. Drive to work the same way. Greet your kids and your spouse the same. Watch the same shows on TV each night, I mean come on, is there really a difference between what goes on during Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives? It’s all the same stuff.
So aside from changing up a few little things in your ho hum routine, which will cause a bit of a spark, what else can you do?
It’s very simple.
Seriously. Just play.
This idea was never more clear than while watching my kids play in the mountains. Each day we found ourselves searching for a river where we could stop and throw rocks.
[youtube width=”325″ height=”250″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrM-7mdzvHk[/youtube]
It was great because there was no real point. That’s the essence of playing. There’s no real point. And that may be why it’s not done enough in our society.
Want to add a spark to life and marriage?
The next time you drive past a river or lake, or any body of water for that matter, stop and take some time to throw rocks in the water. Take in the sounds. Just be. Who cares what others see as they drive by. Most likely, many of them will wish they could be doing the same thing, only they’re too “busy” for playing right now.
To up the impact of this idea a bit more, do it with your spouse. No conversation really needed. No enlightening moment sought for. Just throw rocks together.
Have fun! And let us know how it goes.