A Great Marriage By Subtraction?

Relationship Design

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Creative Commons License photo credit: asalexander
Post written by Corey Allan. Follow me on Twitter.
This past weekend marked our 16th anniversary. My wife and I reminisced about the things that happened in our marriage and what we would have done differently both during our ceremony and our marriage. It was a great weekend together!
It struck me how much our lives have changed since we first married. We’ve had some good highs as well as some miserable lows. And in between these peaks and valleys, it was pretty easy to slip into marriage routine.
Perhaps the routine of marriage so easily dominates because of the thought – a great marriage will simply happen, all you need to do is love each other, right?
Despite what the Beatles’ song states, you need more than just love. While love is often the foundation for great things, a great marriage requires more.
Many times marriage is measured by the bare minimum. Think of it as a good marriage by subtraction. You don’t cheat on your spouse, you don’t gossip about your spouse, you don’t deceive them about money or time. While this will likely help the marriage survive, it probably won’t thrive.
A thriving marriage requires action.
Amped relationships require more of you.
You have to grow up and choose what you want, all the while recognizing you have no control over your spouse’s choice.
It may be scary, it may take work – but it’s worth it.
To assist in this process, pick up a copy of A Simple Marriage today. Consider it a blueprint you can follow.