A Marriage Coaching Experiment

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For the past several years I have been in private practice working with couples in the midst of marriage and life crises. While I am a big proponent of therapy and believe there are many times in life when it is extremely beneficial, there are many times when couples come to therapy too late. In fact, research continues to show that couples on average don’t seek professional help until 7 years after the problem arose.
By this time, one or both of the members of the marriage have checked out emotionally and/or mentally. So therapy sadly becomes a means to dissolve the marriage. Thus giving therapy a bad wrap. Granted, there are marriages that are helped a great deal through counseling, but this is not always the case.
Enter, the world of Marriage Coaching.
And if you are unsure what exactly the world of marriage coaching is, this is the part where I bet you’d like me to explain the idea of marriage coaching, right? Well I’m not gonna. Instead, I’m going to make a fabulously wonderful offer so you can see for yourself.
Since the world of marriage coaching is new to most people, I am offering 3 free marriage coaching sessions to 2 couples. To be qualified for this offer, you must be willing to blog about the experience, whether on your own blog or here at Simple Marriages (unedited by me of course).
If you and your spouse are interested, let me know via the comments or email (corey at simplemarriage dot net). If there are more than 2 couples interested in my exceptionally generous offer, it will be up to my discretion as to the couples who are selected. I guess I’m also prepared to hear crickets chirping in the comments if no one is interested, although this would be somewhat embarrassing.
To qualify for this experiment:
Sessions are most often weekly or every other week so the blogging about the experience would be after each session.

  • Both you and your spouse must participate.
  • You have to be available for 1 hour sessions each week.
  • You need to have some areas of marriage that you want to improve.
  • You both need to be willing to commit to the process.
  • You both need to be open minded.
  • You must be in the US (sorry to all my overseas readers at this point).

Interested? Try it out! You really have nothing to lose.
* I have stolen this idea from Tim Brownson of The Discomfort Zone. So before you say “wow what a great idea!” check out his blog.
UPDATE: Marriage coaching is over the phone so you can live anywhere in the US to qualify. Also, you will have until the end of the week (Friday the 12th) to let me know if you want to be one of the 2 couples.