A Marriage Workbook, A Monthly Columnist and A Bit More


Last week I completed the first draft of the Simple Marriage Workbook (title is still being determined). The goal for this workbook is to provide a tool for you (and your spouse) to use in order to get more out of marriage – and life.
The workbook is in the editing phase and should be completed and ready for release in a couple of weeks. I’ll be sure to keep you informed as this process unfolds.
Second, there are many new visitors to Simple Marriage lately, many of which have come over from Simple Mom – where I’m going to be a monthly columnist throughout 2009. If you haven’t checked out Tsh’s site (especially if you’re a mom) you really should. There’s some great information at Simple Mom, plus I’ll be there once a month!
And finally, last week the Simple Marriage RSS feed switched over to Google, since Google acquired Feedburner last year. This should not effect the feed throughout the switch over, but the feed counts have been wacky as part of the change. I am asking that if you are a subscriber and your feed is adversely affected, please let me know.
Thank you for your continued loyalty to Simple Marriage. You are what makes this thing so great!