Afternoon Delight, Morning Love or Sensual Night?

Romance, Sex and Intimacy

premaritalBreakfast, lunch or dinner – do you have a favorite meal?
Most people have a particular time of the day they most prefer to eat.  The time may vary for particular reasons.
For me, on weekdays, dinner is my time to enjoy food. That is when I’m surrounded by my family; we’re not rushing around or hurrying out the door like at breakfast time. During lunch I’m usually at the gym sweating in an aerobics class or running on the treadmill. My meal is at my desk following that workout. Dinnertime is my weekday favorite when I sit with my family, talk, and wind down from our busy activities.
However on weekends, breakfast is my favorite meal. My family and I can sleep in then enjoy a big homemade-style feast.
What about sex?
Do you have a favorite time of the day that you prefer it?
What about your spouse?
Have you noticed a pattern of when you peak?
For many years and for the most part still today, I am an “afternoon delight” kind of gal. My mind and my body somehow connect perfectly and I climax sometime between 2:00, 3:00 or 4:00 p.m.  I am not sure why exactly it occurs that way but history has proven it. Perhaps I really do need my coffee to wake up? Maybe at the end of the day, I’m just more tired than I am love-struck?
Unfortunately, work schedules don’t allow my husband and me the chance to slip away at 3:00 p.m. for sex during the weekday. Instead I try to keep at least one afternoon open for my spouse on the weekend. It may not always work out that way but I make the effort. One of our children usually naps during that time-frame so it makes it easier for us to enjoy privacy.
I also keep other times of the day open when it comes to romance and love-making.
Although right before sleep is not my preferred time, it often results in the only option for my husband and me. I may have to give my mind a pep talk and my body a shake to get started but once I do, I’m always satisfied with the outcome.
Mornings can be hectic but if you wake up twenty minutes before your alarm clock goes off, why not wake up your spouse for a burst of sexual energy? My husband has done this to me on occasion. Although I want to brush my teeth or comb my hair, I realize that he wants to connect with me just the way I am. So I go with it and I’m pleasantly surprised at how great the rest of the day goes after that.
The same goes for lovemaking late at night. If I am having trouble sleeping, tossing or turning or just cannot count sheep, I may wake up my spouse to attempt a few yoga moves in the bedroom. Although groggy and disoriented at first, my husband never complains when our bodies are intertwined and we’re experiencing a deep sensation.
Sleep can wait until later. In fact, we usually drift off peacefully right after intercourse. We are still able to get in several hours of shuteye before a new day begins.
Lately on weekends, we’ve managed to slip away mid-morning, after breakfast, when the kids are quietly playing together. Perhaps our girls are watching a movie or acting out adventures with their dolls.  When we notice that they aren’t noticing us, we move into the bedroom or even a closet for a quick affair.
Although it is great to have a special time of the day (or night) that works well for you and your spouse, a clock doesn’t always tell the best time for romance. You can determine the best opportunity for a love connection.
I have learned that even your peak times can be rearranged and moved around. I can be aroused early, mid-day or even way late at night as long as I remain open to the possibilities.
Keep desire an option anytime for the one you love most.