Art Of Nonconformity's Take On A Simple Marriage


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to set a goal of traveling to every country in the world in 5 years? Ever thought there’s no way I could do that because of my job, family, or other commitments? Chris Guillebeau probably had the same thoughts and concerns as you and I when he asked himself these questions.
Thus far however, he’s visited 94 countries out of the 197 in the world, and according to Twitter, he’s currently touring around Cairo.
Chris has graciously contributed to our perspectives on a simple marriage series. Be sure to head over to his site and follow his journey around the globe.
Chris says:

I have no marriage secrets (are there such things?) to share. I do know that every time I begin to think of marriage as a simple thing — “I’ve got this down, now I can worry about something else” — I tend to be reminded that it’s actually quite complex.
The other night Jolie told me a long story from her childhood that I had never heard before. I was surprised; we’ve been married ten years, and I thought I had heard all of her big, defining childhood stories. But apparently after all this time there’s more to her than I realized before, and my prior assumptions are now in flux again.
I think the goal on my side is to live a life worthy of the calling of being married to her. I realize that that phrase is usually used in some kind of religious context, and that’s not for everyone. But like religion, marriage is a serious commitment and requires serious attention regardless of what else you believe. So on my side, I can only aim to live up to my commitment, keep learning, and try to keep it simple… wherever that is in fact possible.