Ask The Readers: Anniversary Ideas


As you read this post, my wife and I are lounging on the beach in the Caribbean as we celebrate our anniversary. While we normally don’t do anything “big” for our anniversaries, this one is our 15th. Our usual celebration would be dinner out together. Actually, on our anniversary day this year, which was in May, we went out for lunch to a nice restaurant. Okay, so the restaurant was Arby’s, but it’s where we went as part of our first date back when we were in high school.
I also bought matching wedding bands in honor of the occasion. The interesting thing about this purchase was the questions and looks I got from jewelry store employees. I was looking for simple bands, no diamonds (which my wife loved by the way). The first lady who assisted me asked three times, “Are you SURE you don’t want diamonds?” I left the store bewildered. I guess looking for something simple in the jewelry department is uncommon.
We have discovered that you can celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, etc. simply yet still make them special. This week’s question is intended to help each of us expand our creative ideas for future special occasions.
How have you and your spouse celebrated an occasion and kept it simple and special?