Ask The Readers: How Do You Connect With Family And Friends?


The world we live in offers some unique opportunities as well as challenges. You can now know, almost instantly, about anything major going on in the world. You can board a plane and fly to wherever you’d  like to go. Plus, you can write a few words in a post, hit submit, and engage in a discussion with people from all over the country and world!
One of the best things technology has brought is the ability to keep in touch with family and friends. Last year while traveling in Scotland with my father, I could chat with my wife while riding on a bus from Edinburgh to St. Andrews. Plus, my kids regularly see and talk with my sister’s kids 350 miles away via Skype ‘s video chat.
Which brings me to this week’s question:
How do you stay connected with your family and friends?
Let us know in the comments.

Photo courtesy Gari