Ask The Readers: Is It OK For Children To Sleep With Their Parents?


Photo courtesy Marcelo Souza

When it comes to marriage, there are many things that make married life complicated. One issue high on the list would have to be children. Let’s face it, being a parent complicates things. There’s so much advice out there on both sides of every issue, what to do?
One issue that continues to surface, how do you handle sleeping arrangements once kids enter the picture?
It’s a fact that newborns require a lot of attention and time, especially from nursing mothers. So it’s easy to see how children end up spending the first few weeks/months in the room with mom and dad. But doesn’t this set the stage for a tough transition to their own room?
So this week’s question: Is it OK for children to sleep with their parents?
My wife and I are big believers in our kids (ages 1 1/2 and 3) sleeping in their own beds. From the day we arrived home with each of them from the hospital to today, our kids have spent a total of maybe 6 nights in our room or bed. This is our view, what’s yours?
I expect both sides of this discussion will be presented. If indeed this is the case, I do ask that we all be civil with one another and be respectful of varying views.
If you believe children sleeping in with their parents is OK, when is it not OK? If you’re on the other side of the discussion, when would it be OK?
I look forward to your thoughts.