Ask The Readers: Last Minute Ideas For Valentine's Day?


Photo courtesy ButterflySha

I hesitate to write this post, fearing that it may further ingrain what I believe to be a made up holiday. The commercial and consumerism side of Valentine’s Day brought to you by Hallmark and many other retailers. I have no problem with the idea of devoting a day to celebrate the love you have with your spouse, but why limit this to just one day.
In case you’ve missed it – February 14th is Saturday!
Whether you go all out for Valentine’s Day or keep it real simple, what are your plans this year?
Share your plans and ideas in the comments below.
It may be that you have failed to plan something this year, speak up in the comments and your fellow readers can help (feel free to comment anonymously if your spouse is a Simple Marriage reader as well).
There are some good lists for creative dates and gifts here and here. Plus, the Twittershpere has all kinds of ideas.