Ask The Readers: Marriage Quirks


Photo courtesy joesepi

I’ll admit it, I have a few quirks in my marriage. These quirks are not things that get under my wife’s skin or are a cause of arguments. Instead, they are simply little things that drive me crazy and every so often, my wife will poke fun at me because of these quirks.
What’s one of my quirks you ask?
You know the double light switches that are often found in hallways and kitchens? I don’t like it when the switches are in opposite positions. I understand that when the lights are on, one of the switches will have to be up while the other is down. But when all lights are off, I want the switches both up or both down.
My lovely wife will sometimes walk down the hall and change them to see how long it takes me to notice. Of course, as soon as I do a big smile comes across her face.
Enough about my quirk, this week’s question: What are your marriage quirks?
Again, these are not the little things that are the cause of tension and fighting, rather they are the things you both can laugh at. Care to share your quirks? Put them in the comments below.