Ask The Readers: What Do You Get From The Simple Marriage Project?


Photo courtesy queenzombie

One of the key elements to making this project what it has become is you the loyal reader. We’ve formed a relationship over time and you’ve provided valuable input and direction via the comments and emails I receive on a regular basis.
This week’s ask the reader question is not intended to stroke my ego, it’s a genuine question seeking to hear more from you and why you frequently stop by for a visit.
A few week’s back many readers completed a questionnaire about the wants and desires in marriage. The results confirmed the target audience the Simple Marriage Project is designed for – somewhat happy to happily married people that want more out of life and marriage.
That being said, what specifically do you receive from your visits here?
Put your reply in the comments below. I plan to use this feedback for future posts and topics. I’m grateful for your comments. Thanks.