Asleep At The Wheel


Every week I receive emails from men asking for some idea on how to break free from monotony in marriage, yet remain married.
As husbands we sometimes face a serious dilemma. Things may not be good in married life, but leaving isn’t really an option, neither is cheating (always a bad choice). Too often we choose an entirely different path, check out and go through the motions.
Play your role well – yet remain asleep at the wheel.
The problem? The person losing the most is you (with your wife and your kids a very close second).
Many of us don’t need more education or certifications or some magic-bullet to help wake us up. We simply need to own our passion, speak up for what we want, and begin creating an amazing life.
The biggest thing in our way? Our small mindset — our fears, doubts, stories, and excuses.
And let me be clear: these little goblins in our head are keeping us from living the life we want, and sharing ourselves with those we love most.
The Husband Mastermind Group offers you a chance to wake up! And walk alongside other men as they wake up! Each group consists of no more than 6 men who have committed to real and lasting change in their lives. You can click here to read more details about the group.
To join you have to go through a process.
It starts by sending me an email letting me know you’re interested ( Once you do that, I’ll get back with you about the next step.
Again, this is not first come first served. It’s all about fit. I want the guys who are fun, engaged, and committed to creating an amazing year together.
Is this you?
Let me know.