Best Intentions?

Goals and Dreams

If you’re anything like I’ve been, there are many times that you fall victim to “your best intentions” – especially in married life.

“I intended to get that project completed.” “I meant to be home at 6 like I told you I would.” Even your thoughts can get caught up in this process when you think things like “I intended to initiate sex, or a conversation, last night but you looked like you weren’t interested so I didn’t. But it’s your fault that I didn’t, not mine.”

The problem this creates is we often are hoping for validation or credit for our intention. Fact is, we don’t get credit for intention, only for action.

What follows are a couple of questions to work through to help you discover which end of the action or intention spectrum you fall into most.

In what areas and/or aspects of life do you find you suffer most from Intention Action without the actual action associated with your word?


Now look at your list and dig deeper by asking yourself how big is the gap between your intention and the lack of action. Then ask yourself is this something you really desire or are you more attached to the responses you hope to receive once you complete the task?

Next step: What do you suppose is driving the gap between your intention and the lack of action for each area of your life you listed above?

Final, and most important note: changes in life rarely happen without support from others. That’s what the Man of His Word Mastermind Groups are designed for. Helping men make positive actions towards the life they want to be living for themselves, their wife and their family.

Groups are forming now. If you’re interested, holler at me.

See you inside.

~ Corey