Best Of Simple Marriage And Some Thank You's


I’d like to begin by welcoming all the new readers who’ve joined us in the past couple of months. Things continue to rock along here at Simple Marriage – highlighted by the release of my marriage book this past Monday.
This book would not have happened without a great deal of help from a few people. A huge thank you goes to Tesa for editing, Dan Dyer for the layout, Miguel Davilla for the illustrations (one of which is above), all the people who pitched in to review the finished product, my fellow bloggers who helped me spread the word throughout this past week (Leo of Zen Habits, Tim of The Discomfort Zone, Hayden of Through the Illusion, Tyler of Building Camelot, Stacey of Create a Balance, Tsh of Simple Mom, and Vered of Mom Grind – you all rock!) and my wife for all the feedback and support as this thing came together.
If you haven’t picked up a copy of A Simple Marriage, you can here.
There have been some great posts the past couple of months. Here’s a few of the best:

A few plugs for other sites to check out: