Best Of Simple Marriages, January – February 2009


Whoa, it’s been an incredible few months! Not only has the time flown by, our numbers are way up. Welcome to all our new readers – I’m glad you’re here!
The number of daily readers continues to climb and in case you haven’t noticed the subscriber count lately, they’re climbing like crazy! We began the year around 1500 subscribers, now we’ve topped the 4000 mark. I’m grateful and humbled by the growth. Simple Marriage was featured on right before Valentine’s Day. I don’t know how we ended up there, but I glad we did. It’s brought a lot of new people to our community.
I’m putting the finishing touches on my marriage workbook. My goal is to have it available in March. The feedback I’ve received thus far on the book has been great. I look forward to hearing from you about how this workbook has taken your marriage from one level to another even better.
Now on to the best posts from the past two months:
Simple Marriage contributor Mary Ann Crossno led us through:

A series on communication in marriage:

Some other posts you may have missed:

A huge response from all our lurkers:

Plus there were a few guest posts worth checking out: