Best of Simple Marriages, May 2008


May has been quite a month. Readership numbers are up, subscriber numbers have nearly doubled. All this is thanks to you. Many thanks again in helping make this little project happen!
In case you missed any posts in May, here are a few of the best.
The Man Up/Woman Up Series

  1. Man Up: The Proper Use Of The Tongue
  2. Man Up: How To Answer The Question, What Do You Do?
  3. Woman Up: Watch Your Tongue
  4. The Woman Up Series at Simple Marriage Project
  5. Man Up: Money, Sex & Power
  6. Man Up/Woman Up: How To Have Curl Your Toes Sex
  7. Woman Up: Show Me The Money!

There were also a few others you may have missed.

  1. 12 Ways to Have an Unhappy Marriage
  2. A Handy Guide to Choosing a Shrink
  3. Please Pass the Manners
  4. 21 Day Complaint Free Marriage Experiment… Finito!
  5. Ask The Readers: What Would You Do During A Month Long Adventure?
  6. Redesign Part 2; Finished Now?