Best Of Simple Marriages, September 2008


What a month it’s been here at Simple Marriages. The word is spreading and more readers seem to be finding us each week. As a side note, our Technorati ranking has entered into the top 90K and our Alexa ranking is nearing the 200K mark. Pretty cool!
And once again, this is thanks to you the loyal reader. So another huge thank you for visiting our little fellowship each day.
On another note, Tuesday (today) marks the 1 year anniversary of my father in-law’s passing away from brain cancer. If you did t know him, you missed the chance to know one of the better people to walk this earth. Thanks to his influence on my wife and I, our marriage is what it is today. Take a moment today and let the important people in your life know you love them. They may already know it, but it’s worth hearing again.
Now on to the posts you may have missed this month.

There were a couple of Ask The Readers that had some great discussion:

And there were two more takes on a simple marriage: