Biggest Takeaways in 46 Years


happy-birthday-cupcakeToday I celebrate turning 46!
As I was looking through the archives of Simple Marriage I came across a post from when I turned 39. In it, I made a comment about how my 30s were the best years of my life.
I can say that about my 40s thus far.
While there are many things I’ve learned in 46 years, I want to pass along the most valuable thoughts.

  1. Keep it simple. Most of the issues we face in life aren’t all that complicated. Keep it simple and it usually gets better.
  2. Look at relationships as a means to grow up yourself. Relationships are designed to help us grow up. Look at your role in things and how you can be better before expect others to carry you.
  3. Laugh and don’t take yourself (or most things) too seriously. As one of my professors would say – don’t take life too seriously, after all we’re not getting out of it alive.

Have a great weekend.
~ Corey