Forget everything you’ve read about marriage… and look at things differently


It’s that time of year again.
Summer’s over. Kids are back in school. And it’s time to put your plans for the Fall in to action.
Typically, the new school year can bring about a chance to do something different.
New routines. More things added to the schedule. And you may even get to spend more time driving around from one thing to the next.
But what about the perpetual problems you have between you and your spouse?
What about that issue that crept up over the summer that keeps nagging at you and your marriage?
Or maybe you are in a marriage that’s barely holding on. Perhaps you’ve said or heard the words, “I’m not in love you anymore.”
Or you’ve realized that you and your spouse are anything but lovers, you’ve become more like roommates.
The doors for enrollment in the next offering of Blow Up My Marriage are now open.
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This is a 12 week class that will present you with a radically different way to view your marriage, and then will walk you through how to apply this view to your marriage going forward.
One of the concepts covered in class is a different way to address conflict. Here’s what a previous course member experienced:

This course has helped me so much in becoming more in tuned with my core self. In this process I was confronted with my own behaviors and ways of thinking that contributed to damaging the relationship and so with the lessons as guides began to make changes for me. Started to introduce the disconnect and connect in order to be more present in both my work and at home and not blend the two… this was fantastic for me and I appreciate how important that is. It has helped immensely in my job, but also in other parts of my life, where being more present I can enjoy and take in more of what I am doing, the people around me, nature etc.. it has brought me in touch with all of that.

Some of the other concepts covered in Blow Up My Marriage:

  • How to create the best marriage from your strengths, not by looking at what’s wrong.
  • How to see that it’s the relationship that’s the issue, not you or your spouse.
  • Why you never want to lean on your spouse.
  • How to create a great life and have your marriage be the icing on the cake.
  • And, how to transform your sex life.

One of the best things about this course is its format – I come to you with all the information and material as it’s entirely online. That means you can participate from where ever you call home in this world so long as you have Internet access.
Still unsure? Or, not sure your spouse will be interested? No worries.
You can participate in this class as a couple, or on your own. You can even participate if you’re currently single.
If your spouse does join you, all the better, but don’t let their hesitancy or resistance stop you.
Here’s what a previous class member says about going through this class without her spouse:

I’ve found the class lessons to be personally insightful for me. I’m not sure if I am unique in undertaking this class without the participation or interest of my spouse, but I definitely have achieved personal growth regardless of his effort. I can really work on my marriage whole-heartedly without him. I’ve also learned that I can be a good mom and a good wife regardless of how my husband chooses to participate in the relationship. And for that, every dime of my time with you, and in this class, was well spent.

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Note: This is the last time this course will be offered at it’s current price. Next time this course is offered the price is going up.
Hope to see you inside.