Coming Soon! The 38 Day Build A Better Marriage Challenge


Does the thought of taking your marriage to the next level seem overwhelming?
If you want to improve your relationship but have been putting it in the “one day” list or you don’t want to rock the boat – you’re not alone.
Most people fall victim to the belief that the only time you need to work on your relationships is when it’s in trouble. Sadly, many times this can be too late.
The reality is that every relationship can be improved. Everything can be better.
I realize that we are in the dog-days of summer and many people are rushing to get in their summer vacation or in some parts of the country, back-to-school preparations are already in full swing – that’s why the 38 DBBMC doesn’t start until Sept. 14th. This way you’ll have plenty of time to wrap up summer, get the kids off to school, and then be able to focus more on yourself and your marriage.
Historically, the Fall is the time of year when people are more open to making little adjustments in life. This is another reason why the 38 DBBMC doesn’t start until Sept. 14th.
This Fall, how cool would it be to improve your marriage? It can – and will happen.
All you have to do is join the challenge.

Here’s what the challenge involves

For 38 days I will be writing posts designed specifically to assist you in amping up your marriage. The goal of this challenge is to take your marriage – at whatever level it’s at currently – and make it better!
The idea is simple – for 38 days you will be encouraged to focus on different aspects of your marriage and then put these aspects into practice. There will be two levels occurring simultaneously throughout the challenge.
Level one will happen here on Simple Marriage – with 3 – 4 posts per week filled with teaching and practical ideas that will help you as you create the marriage you desire. Level one is 100% free.
Level two will happen on a secure site – which will be a comfortable place where you (and your spouse) can hang out with me and┬ámy wife and other couples to talk more in depth about your journey as the challenge progresses. This premium level will have daily posts with more teaching and application than on the blog, as well as video posts and a couple of teleconference calls with us, filled with even more life application and practical ideas. At the end of the 38 days, I’ll bundle everything up into one package and send it to you so you can go through the challenge at your own pace and/or refer back to the information later.
I’ll also offer this promise – if at the end of the 38 days (or however long you take to go through the material) your relationship is not improved, I’ll give you all your money back, no questions asked.
You can check out more about the premium level here.
The doors do not open for a couple of weeks but I wanted to give you plenty of time to plan on joining us, whether here on Simple Marriage or out on The Back Porch (which is the secure site where we’ll be hanging out).
I hope you plan on joining us.
It’s sure to be a great journey!