Commit to a path

Relationship Design

ecgOver the last several years I’ve invested a lot of effort in the area located between professional therapy in an office with a trained therapist and the information you would learn if you were to buy a book.
The picture in my mind is like creating the Legal Zoom of the mental health/marriage therapy world. This path has involved many failures, but also several successes. Simple Marriage definitely is among the successes.
Now, all the successes can be found in one resource that takes all the information from the prior courses and condenses it in to one easy to use, self paced, fully supported eCourse that will breathe new life into your relationship – Married Life 911.
Commit to a path.
We flail around a lot. Often, it’s because we discover married life is not at all what we thought it would be going in to it. So what happens is we react and pick new paths far too quickly. We search for the “magic bullet” that will help us understand our spouse or our struggle. We want to know more about the person from Venus or from Mars, or discover their love language so I can offer it up in hopes they will respond in kind, or we try to be assertive or learn to communicate more clearly.
Problem is – none of these paths lead to truly living life on life’s terms, let alone married life on married life’s terms.
Most solutions offered up in the relationship help world are band-aids. They may make the pain go away, a little, but they don’t address the fundamental issue that’s happening in married life.
Married Life 911 is designed to address what’s happening underneath the pain … the system.
A better way forward.
When a crisis occurs in married life, the first thing we want is for the pain to go away. That’s what band-aids can provide. But a band-aid is temporary. That’s why I so often hear clients state they’re worried things will return to the way they were. That the system will return to normal.
You know what – it will. That’s what systems do!
We get so caught up in seeking out pain (and frustration) relief that we don’t learn enough about what works and what doesn’t.
And when I say “we,” I also mean me. I did this quite often with all areas of my life. My fitness? I’ll do weights. No! I’ll do Insanity. No! I’ll do whatever. My marriage? I’ll do date nights. I’ll practice listening skills. I’ll add more Alpha. All that flailing does one thing: temporarily reduces the pain or frustration.
Do you relate to this at all? I don’t know. Maybe everything’s really working well for you in family and married life. But the people I’ve been working with lately via coaching, counseling, and more have been sharing the same issues, and that’s when I figured out how I could best help more of you.
Married Life 911 will not only provide relief for the pain … it will also educate you on what’s happening within the system – AND show you how to produce fundamental change that lasts.
Lots of us are doing what we can. We’re reading everything. We’re trying to engage more, listen more, be more present.
We’re practicing every little “best practices” nugget we see coming along. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed when we lack any kind of framework into which to slot all this information.
This evolution of how I help married people is by providing a path.
I write about tidbits of it here and there on Simple Marriage. I’ve already covered some of the ideas and basics of it in prior eCourses.
But this is more like a guided experience.
If that’s interesting, I invite you to check out Married Life 911. And if it’s not interesting, and you’re doing great already, that’s great to hear.
I’m here to help.
~ Corey