Confessions Of A Blogaholic


Photo courtesy slambo_42

If you are a regular reader of the Simple Marriage Project, you already know I’ve been in the midst of a month long adventure. Saturday, my wife, kids and I returned from a week’s vacation in the mountains. And for 9 days before that I was in Scotland with my father, seeing my family’s homeland.
Throughout this journey, I lugged around my MacBook in hopes of staying in touch with the blogging world and you my awesome readers.
But as this adventure has progressed, I discovered something about myself… I have a problem.
I think I may be a blogaholic.
Everywhere I went in Scotland and England, I found myself checking out every cafe, coffee shop, and pub window I passed looking for the free WiFi sticker (I refuse to pay T-Mobile for their hotspot access, thank you Starbucks). To add to my Blogaholism, while I was overseas I had a guest post on Zen Habits. And while this was a huge honor and brought many new readers and visitors to our little project, it added to my addictive search for Internet access.
Even while I was with my family in the mountains, I found myself scheming ways to hop online for a quick fix of reading fellow blogger’s posts, reader’s comments and checking stats.
The therapist in me says that recognizing I have a problem is the first step towards recovery. So I guess I’ve taken the first step. But do I really want to give up my Blogaholism? Frankly, no!
I love the fact that our little project’s plan for world domination is spreading and new people are joining our fellowship. I love the relationships that have formed virtually with many of you. I also love the time I spend reading and exploring other blogs.
So maybe the key is moderation. Or is this another attempt to think that I can control this issue?
What do you think?