Don’t Go At It Alone

Relationship Design

If you are a listener of the Passionately Married Podcast you know that Pam and I are open and transparent about the things we’ve struggled with in life. In fact, pretty much every product and resource we offer on the website has come from our own personal challenges.

Every book, podcast, course, group, and live Q&A is a story of things that haven’t always come easy for us.

Perhaps this is why you relate to the episodes we produce and the articles I write.

For some seasons of Pam and I’s marriage so far, our relationship could best be described as … meh 😑😕.

On the outside our lives probably looked pretty good. We’re healthy, our kids are doing well (one just left for college), our businesses are good.

But sometimes there was something missing. During those seasons the problem was we were going at it alone.

It was an all too familiar pattern.

Looking back, during those times we could count only 1 or 2 couples as friends in our life, and one of them lived on the other side of the world.

We needed more couples in our life.

We knew our sanity, success, and even marriage depended on it.

Most of the time, our marriage and lives made it through these seasons thanks to a powerful connection with other loving, conscious couples.

We need other good people in our lives.

Men need other good men – women need other good women – and couples need other good couples – yet so many – maybe you – tend to go it alone.

We are created to be part of a tribe.

A lone wolf does not survive in the wild – neither do we.

Our best times in married life have been when we were part of a group. Be it a life group at church, a member of a program together, or part of a group of friends who connected regularly.

Even with my job as a coach and therapist, where I lead 4 husband mastermind groups currently — I still need a tribe.

Fortunately, Pam and I not only lead a tribe of other married couples, we are also part of it. It is the Passionately Married Academy.

If you need good people in your life, we would love for you to join us – and be one of many couples already in the Academy and working towards connection and improvement in their marriage relationship.

We have benefited greatly from the relationships we’ve formed in the Academy. You can too.

Click here to learn more and join us.

See you inside.