Don't Pick Up These Unless You Want A Better Marriage


The new design of Simple Marriage allowed me to create an area that showcases products and events.
Here you can find various resources that will help you get one step closer to handling a perpetual marital issue, or walk you through a major problem, or even a guide to creating the marriage you design.
As part the relaunch, I’ve dropped the price of my book, A Simple Marriage, to $18. If you haven’t pick up a copy yet, what are you waiting for? Oh, you want the chance to win a copy? That will happen next week.

Blow up my marriage class

About a month ago, 11 couples began the 16 week class – Blow Up My Marriage. This class presents a radically different way to view what goes on in marriage and will help you through the real rough times that can happen.
Specifically, Blow Up My Marriage is for couples where one or both have said, “I’m not sure I’m in love with you anymore” and/or where the marriage is more like living with a roommate than a spouse or lover.
So far the emails and feedback I’ve received from class members has been great. One reported that when she tried one of the suggested activities, it worked great. She initially thought it worked because her husband is also in the class and was privy to the idea behind the activity, but found out that he had yet to read the week’s lesson and was unaware of the strategy beforehand.
One of the greatest things about the class is the format. It’s at your own pace, you can participate with or without your spouse, and I come to you with the material. No rearranging schedules to be able to join a call, and no travel involved.
While this class is already running, there will be another one offered in a couple of months. You can sign up to be notified before everyone else here.
There are also a couple of other classes coming soon, so I’ll be looking for people interested in taking part in the pilot offering of each course. Have a great weekend.