Free Marriage Coaching, an Idea and a Rant


Two weeks ago I presented Simple Marriage readers with the opportunity to be one of 2 couples selected for 3 free marriage coaching sessions. The response – 63 couples threw their name in the hat for consideration. I then followed up with a request for the couples to send me a brief email listing three things they would like to work on were they to be one of the 2 couples selected. This time 36 couples responded.
I spent the weekend going over the emails and sorting through the lists. Due to the number of responses I have not yet determined who the 2 couples will be but I will do so in the next day or so. By the way- if you are one of the two couples you’ll be notified via email.
Due to the great response, I’d like to throw out an idea to you for your consideration. There are many couples who replied and stated that communication was one of the three things they’d like to work on. I’m not going to offer free marriage coaching to everyone who is interested, after all, I’d like to be able to feed my kids.
But what if I offered a free 90-minute teleclass for all those interested in learning a few ways to look at and simplify marital communication? Just a thought – tell me what you think in the comments below.
Now that the announcements are complete, pardon me while clear my ranting throat …
I feel I must get this off my chest and it has to do with the idea of working on your marriage before there’s a problem or crisis.
To date, I’ve offered free marriage and life coaching twice to a total of 6 couples/people.
A little background. Simple Marriage began as a site aimed at helping married people experience more in their marriage and life. It’s not a therapy site, it’s not even a coaching site. It’s an amp your marriage by simplifying things in order to get more out of life site (BTW, I checked to see if this web address was available at the time, it was, but it seemed too long).
Since my training is as a marriage and family therapist, I’m happy to offer tips and point people in the direction of counseling when life or marriage are in crisis. I’m also happy to be a resource that helps you find a good therapist – incidentally, now if you have a webcam, you can work with me if you’d like. More on this here.
Anyway, I full believe that marriage is something that can add tremendous value, passion, and adventure, not to mention fantastic sex, to life. I also know that a vast majority of marriages fall into the monotonously married category. There’s really nothing wrong, but then again, there’s really nothing great. Life has become a series of routines. Routine work, calendars, interactions, conversations, sex, and on it goes.
It doesn’t have to be this way. You can create a marriage fully alive. I’ve seen it happen. In fact, I’m living it currently. Sure there’s still conflict and struggle. But the good far outweighs the bad.
Now back to the free coaching stuff. I’ve offered this to 6 couples/people thus far and what boggles my mind, 2 people have followed through and actually gone through the coaching process! 2!
I completely get that people will reach out for assistance when things are blowing up around them. When there’s a crisis and you risk losing everything, sure you’re going to seek out anything that can help you survive. But what about before that? What about the idea of experiencing more?
There’s the disconnect.
We get one shot at this life. Why not get everything we can out of it? What if every relationship you had in your life was fully alive? What if you were fully alive? It’d be pretty cool, right?
Well it can happen.
What do you think?

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