What If Living At Your Full Potential Is a Myth?

Goals and Dreams, Simplicity

fullpotentialThis week I sent out an email encouraging husband’s who are looking for ways to be better husbands, and better men. The idea I presented challenged the idea of our desire to live at our “full potential.”
There are many people who really want to create a marriage and life that achieve their “full potential.”
I have no idea what “full potential” means for you so I have a few questions:
How would you know you are at your “full potential”?
What do you imagine you would have in your life as a result of being at your “full potential” that you don’t have now?
And what if there was no such thing as your “full potential”?
These are great questions to ask because many of us get caught up in the idea that there is some magical place called our “full potential” and it really messes with our minds.
Many people believe that this is the reason why things feel off in their lives and marriages.
And I say all of this from personal experience.
I don’t offer Simple Marriage, Sexy Marriage Radio, and the Husband Mastermind Groups to help you live or work at your “full potential” – instead they each are interested in hearing what you want to create in your life and marriage.
That’s much different.
One is rooted in a belief that says “I’m not enough as I am” and the other is “What do I want to experience in this life?”
One is rooted in scarcity, fear, and lack and the other is rooted in joy, curiosity, and possibility.
The problem with chasing our “full potential” is that it will NEVER be satisfied because there is no “full potential”. There’s only a place that we get to where we see what else is missing or not enough.
Do you see the difference? What’s possible for you when you’re not creating your life and work from a place of “not enough”?
Here’s to living and creating from a more relaxed and playful place.
GROUP UPDATE: If you still haven’t expressed your interest in joining the Husband Mastermind Group then send me an email and I’ll let you know the next step.
Lots of men have expressed interest, and next week I’m taking phone calls to talk to potential members.
What does this mean for you? If you missed this group earlier this year and you’re considering it again, now is the time to act. Groups meet online so you can live anywhere in the world and still join. The group starts in October.