Happy Birthday To Simple Marriage!


Photo courtesy *L*u*z*a*

January 26th marks the day Simple Marriage turns one year old. What a year it has been! It’s safe to say that Simple Marriage has grown much faster than I thought it would in the beginning.
I started blogging as a way to post the weekly articles I was writing for a local newspaper, which was on my first blog. After a few months of posting once a week, I stopped writing for the newspaper, moved everything over to Simple Marriage and our little project was born.
Looking back through this first year I can’t help but be extremely grateful to my loyal readers, who each day stop by and add to the discussions, or send encouraging emails and questions to help spur the Simple Marriage idea on to new levels.
If you’ve been visiting here for a while now, you know my belief – that it is possible to get more out of marriage and life. That’s the dream of Simple Marriage, assisting couples in getting more out of marriage!
In honor of this occasion I’ve put together an EBook about the steps you can take towards a simple marriage. It’s actually a compilation of a previous series put in book format. It’s available FREE to all subscribers of Simple Marriage. Want more info? Go here.
So, here’s to the first year together! And to another great year yet to come!
Thank you and may God bless you and your relationships.