Help me name my eBook winners


November 9th marks the launch of my new eBook, Buck Naked Marriage: Strip away the unnecessary and focus on the bare essentials.
You’ll be able to pick up your copy beginning Tuesday morning, but prior to this launch, there’s a bit of housekeeping to attend to.
At the beginning of August I asked for your help in coming up with a title for this book. There were over 100 comments and emails with suggestions, which is awesome … thank you. Among the suggestions, several readers liked the naked theme. Perhaps that says something about our readers? Hmmm?
I guess since I went with the idea as well, that says the same about me.
While there were several naked suggestions, none involved buck naked, so there is no direct winner. Instead, I’m going to send out a copy of this book (before it’s available to everyone else) to the readers who helped create the evolution of the final title.

Joy, of Just Plain Joy, was the first to mention the naked marriage idea.

And, Keely offered up the “bare” essentials idea – she even used the word cheeky in her comment (I love the word cheeky).

I will be contacting both of you via email in the next couple of days, which will include your copy of the book.
Once again, everyone’s involvement in suggesting ideas continues to prove how awesome Simple Marriage readers are!
Thank you for your support and encouragement.