How Do You Spend Your Time Compared To The National Average?

Family and Kids

My family is currently on day 5 with our no TV during the month of August experiment. Thus far, it’s freed up a great deal of time for us to do things as a family and get some projects done around the house. But I have also found that my stress level has been noticeably higher during this time – it seems that TV watching for me was a way to unwind and relax. Now I’m in search of other ways to spend my time, and relax.
The New York Times looked into the daily habits of thousands of Americans and rounded up the results in a beautiful chart in ten-minute increments (click on the graph to view the interactive graph).
Sleeping, eating, working and watch television take up 2/3s of our average day!
Which leads to this question: how do these findings reflect your typical day? Does this mirror how you spend your time? Or your family?

(Via Lifehacker)