How to Turn Your Master Bedroom into a Sanctuary


Post written by Blended Family columnist Melissa Gorzelanczyk of Peace & Projects.

Does your master bedroom need TLC as much as its occupants?
Mr. Right and I lead busy lives that often conflict with spending quality time together. You and your spouse probably know the feeling. That’s why I want my master bedroom to be a place that inspires rest and intimacy. When your marriage is strong, the family is strong, and a simple change like a master bedroom makeover can be a fun project to work on together.
Revamping the bedroom doesn’t have to cost a lot of money – many of the ideas below are free, or could easily be updated for under $100 dollars.
Here are some tips to help you turn your master bedroom into a sanctuary:
Count by two’s when choosing art and furniture. Think: two nightstands, two lamps, two chairs and images that depict two items. This keeps the focus on the couple instead of one (a single relationship).

Respect the space. I know from experience that the master bedroom shouldn’t double as a work space. When my office was in my bedroom, I had a hard time disconnecting from work and often struggled to fall asleep. I moved my office to a different room to solve the problem.
If you want your master bedroom to be a stress-free, peaceful environment, then things like work, a TV and computer probably don’t have a place there.
If you work from home, I understand how finding an extra room in the house with a door can be a challenge. Get creative with where you can work, and try to keep all but one type of business (wink) out of your master bedroom.

Don’t let it become a clutter catchall. Keep the chaos of everyday life from intruding in this sacred space. If your closet and dressers are overstuffed, reduce your wardrobe to the items you actually wear. Consider limiting the amount of furniture in the master bedroom so it feels open and not too crowded. Keep the floor and nightstands clear.

Decorate using tranquil colors. Earth tones and neutrals are a great fit for the bedroom, but if that sounds blah, choose cool tones like green, light blue, lavender or gray. Stimulating colors like orange and red are best avoided.
Pay attention to first impressions. What do you see when you walk into your master bedroom? If it is a pile of clothes, an unmade bed and children’s toys, you probably want to come up with a plan to avoid that. What do you see when you first wake up? When it comes to design, first impressions count, so decorate, clean and arrange your master bedroom accordingly.
Place bed in command position. A Feng Shui design concept I agree with is placing furniture in what is called “command position.” This concept originates from our need to have visual control over our environments. In the command position, furniture is placed so you face the door from the far side of the room but are not directly in front of the door. It helps to remove the uneasy feeling that someone could sneak up and surprise you, and lends to a better night’s sleep.

What design changes would you make to turn your master bedroom into a sanctuary?

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