If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It – Make It Even Better!

Relationship Design

The idea of building a better marriage is this – take your marriage at it’s current level and move it to the next. Start small, keep it simple, get naked – it’s all part of growing up.
My previous post encouraged you to DO SOMETHING!
Now I’d like to help you make this happen – so I’m offering 2 slots to couples interested in receiving 3 free marriage coaching sessions. Closed
If you’re not sure coaching is right for your marriage, here’s the reaction from a couple who participated last time I made this offer:

I subscribe to a blog called Simple Marriage. The author, Corey, has some great marriage advice.
Corey is a marriage counselor and marriage coach. The difference between a counselor and coach, as I understand it, is basically this; people who are trying to save their marriage see a marriage counselor and people who want to take a good marriage and make it even better should see a marriage coach.
One day, Corey was offering free marriage coaching to two couples. So I put my name in, and we won free marriage coaching.
The point of all this is that [my wife] and I have a great relationship but actually going to a marriage coach was really fun. We had no pressure to “save” our marriage, only make it better. And we have. Just by thinking about making our marriage better, and knowing Corey was going to follow up with us on the goals in our next session we set actually helped. I probably wouldn’t have paid for the coaching before but now I see it as something I would do once a year, kind of like a checkup. And I’d recommend it to everyone.
We had three sessions. We spaced them out a few weeks apart, we were really busy, but I liked having a couple weeks to work on our goals before talking about them again with Corey. The whole thing started in September and we had our third session the first week of November. While I would say (and [my wife] agrees) our “quality of marriage” hasn’t instantly improved over the last few weeks, my awareness of our marriage has, and this awareness is the key take-away.
If you love your spouse, if your relationship is fine, and you aren’t trying to save your marriage, then you should see a marriage coach. (btw, if you are trying to save your marriage, you might consider a marriage counselor.)

If you and your spouse are interested, let me know via the comments or email (corey at simplemarriage dot net). If there are more than 2 couples interested in this offer, it will be up to my discretion as to the couples who are selected.
To qualify for this experiment:

  • Both you and your spouse must participate.
  • You have to be available for 1 hour sessions (sessions are most often weekly or every other week).
  • You need to have some areas of marriage that you want to improve.
  • You both need to be willing to commit to the process.
  • You both need to be open minded.
  • You must be English speaking.
  • And you must be willing to give a brief write up of your experience.

Marriage coaching is over the phone or video so you can live anywhere in the world to take part in this process.
Interested? Throw your name in the hat – you really have nothing to lose (except not being selected as one of the 2 couples).
This offer is available until October 15, 2009 at Midnight CST.

Photo courtesy pedrosimoes7