I'm needing your help


[Note: This is a continuation of our shift posts, one and two.]
To begin, I want to send a thank you to those of you who have sent me emails and left comments in support of Simple Marriage and our goal of fundamentally changing the culture of marriage. Your support means a lot.
Second, I want to let you in on my thinking about things as we’ve progressed the past week.
The response from people has been good, but I’ve got some concern as to how good the response really is. After all, there were only 2 comments on the second post discussing the coming shift (our email list and readership is pretty big, so this number was discouraging).
But then I checked the survey we’ve been running as part of this (you know, the one where I’m willing to bribe you for your input, it’s not too late to be involved BTW) and the answers given in the surveys show we’re exactly on the right path with this shift.
I’m truly grateful for the insight and thoughtful responses given thus far in the survey. And I’ll be sending along the bribe later this week.
But, along the way we’ve encountered a huge problem that could bring this shift to a screeching halt.
The main shift in jeopardy involves the plans for relaunching Blow Up My Marriage (or this “thing” we’re creating) as a cutting edge, tremendously valuable, will bring about improvement and dramatic change to your marriage and life with ongoing support and encouragement to ensure the improvements last.
So I need your help and feedback (especially those who’ve joined our “virtual creation group”) …
What we’re talking about creating has generated some great buzz already. It even has brought about several people already contacting me about wanting to partner in the development of this “thing.” I’m honored.
But since what we’re talking about creating is something revolutionary in the marriage and family help-world, I’m hesitant to jump in with both feet too soon. I want to be sure it’s something that truly helps marriages and people. This will be more than just a class or manifesto or PDF report (if it were something this simple, I’d just release it and see what happens).
Instead, this will be something revolutionary.
Something that takes the technology of today (both online and offline) and combines it with the theory and practices of great marriages and delivers it in real time with ongoing support both online and offline. In other words, it will use all the resources available to help you create a rock solid marriage that lasts!
Does that make sense?
So right now, we’re considering slowing down the creation of this “thing” (unless we get solid validation that you think this is useful and valuable for your situation).
I just want to make sure we’re on the right track before we get too far down the road.
So here’s what I’m asking you to do.
Step 1, click here to join our “virtual creation group” and complete the survey that goes along with it (if you haven’t already).
Step 2, leave a comment below letting us know if this “thing” is something you could see using at some point in your marriage. Just a sentence letting us know what you think will be fine.
That’s it. If there’s enough positive feedback in the comments and survey, we’ll continue this shift and make this “thing.” If there isn’t, then we’ll go back to the drawing board.
~ Corey
P.S. We’re relying 100% on word of mouth. So if you know someone who could benefit from what we’re creating, please let them know about this post.
P.P.S. And again, if you think what we’re doing is cool, then please consider sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, or G+.