Intimacy: A Deeper Discussion

Sex and Intimacy

Photo courtesy ms. Tea

Lately we’ve been on a journey exploring the topic of intimacy. Starting with a discussion of intimacy vs. sex, which are often interchanged but in fact have very different meanings. Next there was a discussion of intimacy vs. connection.
Now let’s dive even deeper into the meanings we place on intimacy.

Is intimacy natural?
How do you know if you’re ready for intimacy?
Is there is downside to intimacy?
Could intimacy be a threat to a relationship?
What’s your tolerance level for intimacy?
What does integrity have to do with intimacy?
How much intimacy is enough?
Is there such a thing a too much intimacy?
Can one person have an intimate experience if his/her partner does not have the same experience?
Don’t feel like you need to answer each of these questions right away. Take your time. Search out your thoughts and reactions to each question.
Feel free to share a few of your reactions in the comments, but don’t think you must share them all.
Keep exploring!