I've Turned to the Dark Side?


Picture courtesy SeenyaRita

A few weeks ago, my PC went on the fritz. And of course, it was right as I began a weekend slated solely for writing. After many failed attempts at rebooting, and failed attempts by the Helpdesk, I ran out and bought a Mac.
After some fumbling around with the different shortcuts and configuring of things… I’m sold. I now use Quicksilver every time I’m on the computer, I’m also moving away from the Big Brother that is Microsoft. Although I will still use Office due to one of my jobs.
I guess all that’s left before my complete indoctrination into the cult that is the Mac world is to pay homage to the almighty apple and give up my first born.
While I don’t think I will totally stray from the PC world, or give up my first born, I will proudly use my Mac for all the world to see. In fact, just hours after purchasing, I was approached by a guy in the coffee shop in which I was writing with questions regarding my new toy.
I used to be in the camp that sarcastically referred to Mac users as a cult vowing to take over the world. It looks as though I’ve joined the movement. Plus, my first born loves the little apple that lights up on the cover.