Check out your landscape


If you are at all like me, there are times in life when I take a break a examine the landscape of my life. This used to not happen too often because, I’m afraid to admit, I was scared to find the answer.
What if all I was working towards wound up being meaningless?
What if I found out I was nothing more than a handy-man for my family? Only being kept around because I could fix things? Or help buy things? Or take care of the kids so my wife could go out with her girlfriends?
These are sobering questions to ask yourself – but even scarier to seek their answers.
I want to let you in on a secret, and an answer to these questions – and I’m going to give this too you man to man.
You teach people how to treat you!
I you feel you are being treated in any way like I feared from above, you’ve likely taught others how throughout the years. While this news may feel like I’ve just punched you in the gut, the great news is this — you can teach them differently.
This teaching isn’t what you say.
It’s what you do. How you live. And how you love.
Far too often, us men are too isolationistic.
This is especially true when we are struggling, or going off the deep end, or throwing a fit. That’s when you need other men in your life who can walk alongside you, listen to your thoughts and tell you their experiences going down the same road – or listen to your craziness and tell you with all the empathy in the world to “calm down!”
This is why the Husband Mastermind Groups exist.
Real men, doing real life alongside one another.
This isn’t a gripe session group. It’s not a share all your darkest fears group. It is a group of men who’ve decided they are tired of trying to figure out life as a husband, father, friend, employee alone.
The next round of Husband Mastermind Groups begin in August. If you are interested in joining a group, shoot me anĀ email and let’s begin the conversation.
There’s a process to joining, because I’m not just looking for men who are interested. I’m looking for the right men for each group. It’s not about numbers, it’s about fit.
Is this you?
Shoot me a message and let’s talk.