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Marital Communication

You may consider yourself a pretty good communicator. Problem is, in married life communication is a whole different dynamic. Namely, in married life you can not not communicate. 

Sex and Intimacy

Sex is so much more than just an act. It’s an entire language. How do you become a better linguist in your marriage? 

Desire Differences

There is a higher desire and a lower desire in every marriage. With every topic. How do you be a better higher or lower desire partner? 


Most things in life and marriage become understandable when you can make it more simple. Keep it simple and you’ll enjoy the ride more.  

Nice Guy/Nice Girl

Perhaps you’ve thought the key to a better marriage and life is to simply be nice. But what if being nice has actually led to the problems you thought niceness would solve?

Family and Parenting

We are all born in families, and while we maybe have moved beyond our upbringing, we still carry forward both positive and negative traits. 

Dr Corey Allan

The voice behind the Podcast and most of the posts, Corey has been writing online since 2008. He is also the author of most all of the content found in the free eBooks.

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