Make 2020 Sexier


Welcome to 2020 … almost.

One of the main reasons people flock to the SMR Nation and our shows is they are looking for ways to create a sexier married life, or to get sex happening again in their marriage.

If sex is an area of conflict and struggle in your marriage then my hope is as we enter into 2020 you may find the steps you can take to address this struggle in a better way than before.

To help with this goal, my friend and colleague Jessa Zimmerman has a Sex Without Stress course beginning in late-January that is designed to help you. She recently joined me on an episode of SMR to talk more …

I fully recommend this course.

Read a testimony from a past participant below …

Your class has been life-changing for us. We’d found your work through your podcast a few months earlier and had begun to incorporate some of your ideas and strategies. Although that was helpful and provided a good starting point, the class really helped us take our work together on our sex life to the next level. As a result, we’re in a significantly better place as a couple.

(1) The power struggle around sex is significantly diminished.

(2) The pressure around sex is significantly diminished; we’re still not to “no pressure at all”, but we see a path forward. The playground model was incredibly helpful in this regard.

(3) We’re both playing our own side of the court a lot better.

(4) We’re learning how to say (me) and hear (my partner) “no.”

(5) I’m learning to allow reactive sexual desire to arise.

(6) We’re both learning to ask for what we want (and to recognize what it is that we really want).

(7) We’ve been surprised by how many of the thoughts / feelings that we’ve uncovered as being part of our patterns in sex actually play out in the other parts of our relationship as well.

(8) We’re so much better at talking about sex now without getting too emotional or aggressive or defensive. It’s just another thing to talk about.

(9) I feel like we’re much more emotionally connected now that sex is working better. Sex (whatever that looks like on a given day) is something that brings us emotionally and physically together rather than bringing us emotionally apart. This has helped me (the person with less desire) to be able to go into each encounter with a more open mind and open heart.

We have a tradition in our family where we put a paper tree on the wall for Thanksgiving and then use cut out traces of our hands as the leaves. We write different things we are thankful for on those leaves. This year, we added “Jessa” on our tree because we’re both so grateful that we discovered you and that we took the chance on this class. (We were actually trying to find a sex therapist in town but couldn’t find one that seemed like a good fit. We “compromised” by signing up for your class. We are so glad we made that call as we think we’ve made more progress over the past 10 weeks than we possibly could have done in any other setting.)

Just for you: Jessa has extended a special offer to our audience where you can save $100 if you want to join this course.

Simply click here and sign up.

Here’s to your 2020 being a fantastic and sexy year!

~ Corey