17 More Tips To Improve Marriage And Slow Down Life At The Same Time

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Last month I posted some ideas to help improve marriage and slow down life at the same time.
For the most part I’ve been living by these ideas, trying to live life slowly and deliberately, although there are many times when the immediate seems to overtake the important.
I think there is a direct correlation between slowing down life and improving life.
That is as long as the speed at which you live life is not an attempt to avoid some of life’s  problems and struggles. For example, if your marriage or home life is rocky so it may seem easier to work longer hours and be involved in more things outside of the home, thus avoiding the marriage problems.
If you live life at a fast pace due to avoiding things, it’s time to confront the problems head on. If your life is fast for some other reason, here’s a few more ideas to help you slow down.
I opened up the discussion to my friends on Twitter and here’s what they have to add:

  1. Less TV – @Lifegains
  2. Before getting out of bed, set an intention for the day and share it. – @barnfry
  3. Moved out of a big city and to the country – @KingTor
  4. Shower or bathe together – @michaelannalea
  5. Live within the natural rhythm of life – @bunzymay
  6. Socialize as a family, with other families – @hismilkmaid
  7. Learn to say no – @michaelannalea
  8. Date nights – @hismilkmaid
  9. Stay home and enjoy time as a family – @tino806
  10. Take up a hobby together – @lauriehenry
  11. Cook together vs. eating out – @alisabow
  12. Watch the sunset
  13. Eat home cooked meals together away from the TV – @jtw78
  14. Make one night a week an “at home” night – @dandyer
  15. Invite some friends over for a long dinner together.
  16. Keep one eye open and the other shut – @judygruen
  17. Staying away from Twitter – @mochadad

Now it’s your turn – how have you improved marriage and slowed life down at the same time?