Okay, Okay… I Hear You Loud And Clear


After announcing the cancellation of the 38 Day Challenge I began receiving emails, comments and Tweets about how many of you were gearing up for it. Now that you’ve spoken up about your disappointment, perhaps I was mistaken in canceling all of the challenge.
So here’s what I’m going to do.
Beginning Monday, Sept 21st, Simple Marriage will launch the Build a Better Marriage Challenge Series.
This series will take you and your spouse through the basic principles and processes involved in making your marriage even better.
There will be a few differences between this series and the previously planned 38 Day Challenge:

  1. This series will not run a set number of days, instead, the Build a Better Marriage Challenge will be a series of posts over the coming weeks.
  2. We will begin on Sept. 21st, a week later than the original challenge was scheduled to start.
  3. In order to increase the opportunities for you to interact with other readers going through the challenge, I’m setting up a forum for further discussions, questions, successes, failures, etc. I hope you’ll check out the Simple Marriage Community and join us throughout the challenge. (I’ll be adding the final touches and working out the bugs with the forum over the next few days but feel free to stop by and say hello in the meantime.)
  4. The entire challenge will be 100% free.

The launch for this challenge is not far off – I hope you’ll be joining us.
It’s sure to be a great journey!

Photo courtesy richkidsunite